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Rally (Training)
Training time: 5 hours
Mileage: average of 25 km of intensive driving
a. PitStop karting, Zouk
b. Rally special stage
Vehicle: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9 group N (dogbox)
Participants: 1 person (up to 2 persons)
Requirements: Participant completed previous trainings
a. Option "a" Track Pitstop karting $ 3,500 / person
b. Option "b" Rally Special Stage $4,000 / person
  1. Rally Driving Position
  2. Hands position on steering and turning technique
  3. Throttle management
  4. Shifting
  5. Weight transfer
  6. Left foot braking
  7. Recognizing and adapting to understeer and oversteer
  8. Trail braking and straight line braking
  9. Drive trains
  10. Driver errors corrections
  11. Inducing and correcting slides
  12. Proper rally line
  13. When and where to brake to minimize traction
  14. Pendulum turns
  15. Handbrake turns
  16. Adapting to changing conditions
  17. Recognizing and adapting to different surfaces
  18. Pacenotes
  19. Basic rally navigation
  20. Full Rally briefing

 © 2017 Jean-Pierre Nasrallah
© 2017 Jean-Pierre Nasrallah
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